Volkswagen AG Id plate - Volkswagen vw vin tag

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Volkswagen - vw id plate reproduction.
Marking : Embossing
Material : Aluminum
Fixing : 2 holes

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▶️ Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Volkswagen manufacturer's plate?

A Volkswagen manufacturer's plate is an Aluminum or Brass identification plate fixed on vehicles by the manufacturer. It contains essential information about the car or utility vehicle, such as the serial number, maximum weight, color codes, or the vehicle type.

Why remake the VIN plate of my Volkswagen car?

Keeping your Volkswagen identification plate in good condition is crucial for several reasons. First, it ensures your vehicle's compliance with legal and technical standards. Second, in the event of resale, a legible plate that conforms to the original manufacturing increases your car's value.

How can I replace or restore my Volkswagen's chassis plate?

To replace or restore your Volkswagen's mine plate, it is recommended to contact a specialist in the manufacturing of identification plates for vintage cars. These professionals use techniques such as permanent painting, screen printing, engraving, or stamping on materials like aluminum and brass to faithfully reproduce the original.

What details are necessary for the V.I.N. of a Volkswagen identification plate?

The details necessary for manufacturing a Volkswagen mine plate include the vehicle's serial number, technical specifications such as maximum weight, dimensions, engine type, as well as any other information originally present on the plate.

▶️ Regulations

The identification plate for your Volkswagen car or utility vehicle is designed to meet the standards of the Technical Inspection (C.T.), the DREAL *(1), and the FFVE *(2). The plate is manufactured by cold marking, thus ensuring compliance with French and EU standards.

CE standards and CE certification (European Conformity). CE approval and CE type.

(*1) Regional Directorate for the Environment, Planning, and Housing
(*2) French Federation of Vintage Vehicles

▶️ Implementation

Durable Fixing of the Volkswagen Manufacturer's Plate with Rivet Pliers

Effectively secure your Volkswagen manufacturer's plate to its chassis using rivet pliers. This quick method guarantees a solid and durable fixation, ideal for minimal maintenance and assured compliance. Simple and practical, the use of rivet pliers is the optimal solution for securely affixing your manufacturer's plate.

▶️ Models and Types

Years 1950-1980

  • Type 1: Beetle (Coccinelle/Käfer)
    • Type 11: A specific variant of the Beetle.
  • Type 2: Transporter/Bus/Combi
    • T1 (Split-screen)
    • T2 (Bay-window)
  • Type 3: Includes Notchback, Fastback, and Squareback (Variant).
  • Type 4: 411 and 412, in sedan and station wagon (Variant) versions.
  • Type 14: Karmann Ghia Coupe and Convertible, based on the Type 1 platform.
  • Type 34: Karmann Ghia, based on the Type 3 platform, more luxurious than Type 14.
  • Type 147 (Fridolin): Utility vehicle primarily designed for the Deutsche Bundespost.
  • Type 181: Known under different names (Thing in the USA, Trekker in the UK, Kurierwagen in Germany), a light utility and leisure vehicle.
  • Type 3 (K70): First VW model with front-wheel drive, introduced in 1970, often omitted in traditional lists because initially developed by NSU.
  • Golf Mk1: Introduced in 1974, with its front-wheel drive design and hatchback.
  • Scirocco Mk1: Sports coupe based on the Golf platform, introduced in 1974.
  • Passat B1: Introduced in 1973, available as a sedan, fastback, and station wagon (Variant).
  • Polo Mk1: Launched in 1975, a small economical car based on the Audi 50.
  • Jetta Mk1: Introduced in 1979, a sedan version of the Golf Mk1.

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  • Typenschild Volkswagen
  • Typenschild vw

Unsere Werkstatt ist spezialisiert auf die Reproduktion von typenschild für Sammelfahrzeuge. Wir verwenden Markiertechniken von den 1880er Jahren bis heute.

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Typeplaatje Volkswagen - vw

Nossa oficina é especializada na reprodução de placas de identificação para veículos antigos. Usamos técnicas de marcação da década de 1880 até os dias atuais.

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