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V.I.N. Plate for Peugeot

Remake your car's V.I.N. plate.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Attachment: 4 holes + 4 rivets
  • Marking: Permanent paint
  • Fixing : 4 holes

Delivery: Shipped by Post

EVERYTHING INCLUDED: Shipping Costs and Rivets

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▶️ Frequently Asked Questions

What is a V.I.N. plate?

A Peugeot V.I.N. plate is an identification plate made of Aluminum or Brass affixed to vehicles by the manufacturer. It contains essential information about the car or utility vehicle, such as the serial number, maximum weight, color codes, or vehicle type.

Why should I replace the identification plate of my car?

Maintaining your Peugeot’s identification plate in good condition is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures your vehicle's compliance with legal and technical standards. Secondly, in the event of resale, a readable plate conforming to the original manufacture increases the value of your car.

How can I replace or restore the ID tag of my car?

To replace or restore your Peugeot's ID tag, it is recommended to consult a specialist in the manufacture of identification plates for classic cars. These professionals use techniques such as permanent painting, screen printing, engraving, or stamping, on materials like aluminum and brass, to faithfully reproduce the original.

What details are needed for the manufacturing of a identification plate?

For the manufacturing of a Peugeot identification plate, necessary details include the vehicle's serial number, technical specifications like maximum weight, dimensions, engine type, as well as any other information originally present on the plate.

▶️ Regulations

The identification plate for your Peugeot car or utility vehicle is designed to meet the standards of Technical Inspection (C.T.), DREAL *(1), and FFVE *(2). The plate is machined by cold marking, thus ensuring compliance with French and EU standards.

CE norms and approval (European Conformity). CE certification and CE type approval.

(*1) (Regional Directorate for Environment, Planning and Housing)
(*2) (French Federation of Vintage Vehicles)

▶️ Installation

Permanent Fixation of the Peugeot V.I.N. Plate with a Rivet Gun

Securely fix your Peugeot's V.I.N. plate to its chassis using a rivet gun. This quick method ensures a strong and permanent attachment, ideal for minimal maintenance and guaranteed compliance. Simple and practical, using a rivet gun is the optimal solution for securely fastening your V.I.N. plate.

▶️ Models and Types

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▶️ International

  • Engraved identification plate
  • Engraved vin tag
  • Engraved vin plate
  • Engraved vin tag replacement
  • Engraved body plate
  • Engraved body tag

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Unsere Werkstatt ist spezialisiert auf die Reproduktion von typenschild für Sammelfahrzeuge. Wir verwenden Markiertechniken von den 1880er Jahren bis heute.

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